Arkadium Games

Arkadium continues to pioneer new and captivating free gameplay as the social media revolution continues in full swing. Arkadium goes back to 2001 as the brainchild of a married couple to make engaging games for adults. However, Arkadium's games don't contain violence or sensual material.

The Different Types of Arkadium Games

Arkadium burns the midnight oil developing thought-provoking games like crossword puzzles and Brain Games. Arkadium authors unique independent games you can play for free without ads. The caveat is you must be a member to play without ads.

Seasonal Games

Right in view of the website is Arkadium's Fall Favorites. Educate and stimulate your mind as the leaves turn brown. Enjoy these mind-tapping Fall Favorites.

  • The Daily Jigsaw: Every day, Arkadium players can enjoy a new daily jig saw to get a jump on the day. You can also play previous daily Jigsaw games.
  • Family Feud: Take your love and passion for the legendary television game to the website or mobile device.
  • Press Your Luck: Also based on the legendary television show, Arkadium's version has all the bells and whistles in a slot game format. Line up three a similar icon that you find on the gameshow and in.

Other Fall Favorite games include Game Day Block Champ. If you are a fan of Tetris, then you can look forward to a unique 10x10 block where you pass the football around to score blocks.

Crossword Puzzles

Arkadium has fifteen compelling and mind-twisting crossword puzzle games. If you don't want to stretch your brain too hard, Arkadium has the Stan Newman's Easy Crossword. Arkadium has multiple Stan Newman Crossword puzzles for members of all skill sets. And if you want to raise the stakes, try the Premier Crossword Puzzle.

And if you think you know everything about American history, stretch your brain with The Best Daily American Crossword. Arkadium also has daily games, including daily word search games.

Arkadium's Solitaire Games

Arkadium has an entire section of Classic Solitaire and Solitaire alternatives for those looking to play a quiet hand of Solitaire. Solitaire lovers can options include Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, and Forty Thieves Solitaire.

Arkadium's Math Options

We told you that Arkadium takes mind stimulation seriously, so it has a Math section filled with the latest games for mathematicians. Suduku, the 2048 Game, and Penny Dell Sudoku are the latest titles that reward you for solving simple to complex math equations in a game format.

Arkadium's Casino Games

And for those who need an online casino experience, Arkadium doesn't disappoint with Arkadium's Texas Hold'em and Texas Hold'em Tournament if you want to compete against other members online. If you're in a Blackjack kind of mind, enjoy Classic Blackjack. You also have the option for Bingo.