Celsius Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Whenever members log in at Celsius Casino, the winning temperature rises through the roof, and that's not by accident. Celsius Casino has more than seventy-five of the leading software developers behind its impressive slot game ensemble. When you have NetEnt, Betsoft, and Microgaming, you can bet your last dollar that the gaming temperature doesn't cool down. But Celsius Casino's amazing no-deposit bonuses give you free avenues to keep raising the gaming temperature.

Cracking Celsius Casino's No-Deposit Bonuses

Celsius Casino doesn't get enough credit for its sophisticated web design and UX interaction, so getting caught up with the engaging slot games is easy. Still, it might help to check Celsius' bonus area. You never know which engaging Celsius' no-deposit bonuses await, and the only thing better than winning is to do it for free.

Mystic Hive

Mystic Hive is a five-reel game with enchanting worker bees spurting around the screen. Mystic Hive breaks the pattern of other slot games with an unusual slot game because of its honeycomb-shaped reels. Also, on the side is a bottle full of magical fireflies waiting to bust out of the bottle.

During regular play, the honey wild symbol helps pay winning combinations. Because of the unique shape of the reels, Mystic Hive rewards winning combinations in different directions. And during the free spins round, the honey wilds spread into nectar wilds. Throughout the free spins round, the honey wilds spread across the reels, and yes, you can pack the honeycomb reels with honey wilds.

Mystic Hive has a small paytable full of magical gems and a magical mushroom. Aces through Jack, covered in honey, are the other game symbols. All of Mystic Hive's spins have a random firefly that contributes differently to the playing experience.

The green firefly gets other fireflies to surround the reels for further bonuses. Yellow fireflies appear stacked on Mystic Hive's reels. Each yellow firefly increases the winning multipliers. Each red firefly fills the nectar bottle. And once the nectar bottle is full, you play with five free spins.

Fire & Steel

Fire & Steel dares you to escape into magnificent world of fantasy entwined with sword and sorcery. No doubt inspired by role-playing games, Fire & Steel is a five-reel cinematic epic in the form of a slot game. A deadly fire-breathing dragon is going scorched Earth, determined to obliterate the entire kingdom. Everything hinges on you guiding a male and female warrior, combining their forces to save the day.

The swordsman and the swordswoman are wild symbols. When the swordsman lands on the pay lines, he releases a fiery vertical beam. And when the swordswoman lands, she unleashes a fiery horizontal beam. When these intense beams intersect, the War of the Wilds feature begins. During the War of the Wilds begins with ten free spins. The point of the beam intersection becomes a wild symbol that remains throughout the free spins round.

Fire & Steel's regular game symbols include shining crowns, paying between fifteen to twenty-five credits. You have the magic book, the chalice, the helmet, and the sword that pay between ten to five credits for five on the reels. The colored gems are worth a king's ransom, delivering three to two credits.

Heating Up Celsius Casino's Promotions

Celsius Casino helps you continue the gaming magic with a 100% matching bonus for first deposits. And for a scorching encore, Celsius Casino adds a 200% matching bonus for your second deposit.