USFL Futures Odds and Betting Lines at Bovada

If you are a casual sport better, you know that NFL is a prime betting target. But like Major League Baseball has minor leagues to place wagers, so does the NFL. Welcome to the USFL, a minor league for football delivering sensational tackles and equally ferocious betting options. Having wrapped up its first season, its impact continues to grow at Bovada, with soaring and winning betting options.

Understanding your USFL Betting Options

Nobody does it better than Bovada when it comes to breaking down the long list of betting options. Bovada upholds this same standard for your USFL betting options. And yes, Bovada offers a glossary to help you make educated bets. But, as of this moment, you can make these USFL future bets:

  • +300 for the Birmingham Stallions
  • +300 for New Jersey Generals
  • +700 for Pittsburgh Maulers
  • +600 for Houston Gamblers
  • +500 for New Orleans Breakers
  • +500 for Memphis Showboats
  • +650 for Michigan Panthers
  • +500 for Philadelphia Stars

These single proposition bets apply to which team is favored to win the USFL Championship for the upcoming 2023 season. USFL future bets at Bovada also allow you to place wagers on which player will be the MVP and score the most touchdowns. Also, which team will win their conference are favorable future bet.

Breaking down the USFL Season

Besides being able to throw a second forward pass, unlike the NFL, the USFL season only goes for ten weeks instead of seventeen weeks the NFL. In addition, the USFL pits the top team in each conference in the championship game.

But unlike the NFL, the USFL winners of the North and South conferences vie against each other to determine the regular season championship. This innovative, dual championship system opens the floodgates for future and other betting options.

USFL Spread Bets

The USFL at Bovada, like NFL wagers, incorporates the spread bet. Here, you can bet on which team will win and the margin of victory.

Moneyline, USFL Way

With the money line, you can bet the number of points your team will score separately. Then, you can combine the money line bet with the spread bet.