First Live Slots

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has just announced that they are launching Live Slots. What does this mean for online players? It means that they can play slot machines on their desktops or mobile devices at land-based casinos any time and anywhere.

Technology Reels Us In

Live Slots will allow players to play slots without having to go to any land-based casino. They will play the physical slot machines from Atlantic City Hard Rock Hotel & Casino site online. When logging into Hard Rock, the real slot machines will be available for real money play in New Jersey, the newest city to allow online gambling. Imagine playing a real slot machine from wherever you are via desktop PC, MAC, and mobile devices at this casino! This is by far the most innovative technology we have seen to date. The only caveat is that you can only play these real slot machines in New Jersey.

Who is the Provider for this Extraordinary Event?

Softweave Ltd. is the provider in conjunction with Atlantic City's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

What Slot Machines Can I Play Using this New Technology?

Buffalo, Hotter than Blaze, Leprecoins, Spitfire Multipliers, and Double Time Pay.

Will Additional Slot Machines be Available to Play at Hard Rock?

Yes. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will be adding more slot machines quite soon.