Tiki Tower Slots

As the title suggests, the tower slot has the Tikis at the top and an expansion of up to 8 rows and 80 pay lines. Upon the first view, however, there are only five reels and 30 pay lines. But the expansion of the slot is a new form of technology that makes playing Tiki Tower Slots all the more impressive.

Who is the Developer of Tiki Tower Slots?

Genesis Gaming is the provider.

What is the Theme of Tiki Tower Slots?

The theme of Tiki Tower Slots is Maori mythology. According to this mythology, Tiki was the first man.

What is the Design of the Tiki Tower Slots?

The design of Tiki Tower shows three Tikis at the top of the slot in a tower formation. The background is that of a jungle with trees and vines seen through a shaded lens.

How Many Reels and Paylines Does this Slot Have?

Tiki Tower Slots is a 5x3 reel bonus video slot that expands to 8 rows with 80 pay lines.

How many Paylines are There in this Game?

There are up to 80 pay lines.

What are the Betting Options for the Tiki Tower Slots?

The coin denominations start at 20 cents to 100 Eur as the max bet.

What is the Return to Player for this Game?

The RTP is 96%.

Does Tiki Tower Slot Have a Bonus and Free Spins Round?

  • There are two special symbols in this game: The Wild Circle within a circle and the Scatter Tikis. Tiki Towers all change into the same symbol before winning payouts. When the Tiki Towers symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, the reels expand.
  • Free Spins Bonus
  • Players will win 7 Free Spins when the Tiki Towers appear on the 5x8 grid.
  • The reels begin to expand in this manner:
  • 5x4 Reels: 40 Fixed Lines: (10 Additional Paylines)
  • 5x5 Reels: 50 Fixed Lines: (10 Additional Paylines)
  • 5x6 Reels: 60 Fixed Lines: (10 Additional Paylines)
  • 5x7 Reels: 70 Fixed Lines: (10 Additional Paylines)
  • 5x8 Reels: 80 Fixed Lines: (10 Additional Paylines)

The Reward Coins

At the bottom of the slot, players will see a Gold R in a circle. Click on the R, and a new page will come up with a Free Spin Mode that the player can turn on or off. When on, go back to the slot, and you will see that the Reward Coins amount per spin is over $66.78 per spin. Players will also be able to view the Loot Box. Click on it, and it becomes three different boxes comprising a Quick Box, a Plus Box, and a Luxury Box. Please read the information about each box.

Where Can I Find the Paytable?

At the top right of the slot, click on the three horizontal lines, then on the small I to access the paytable.

Can I Play Tiki Tower Slots for Free and Real Money?

You can play this game for free using Demo Mode or Instant Play. If you want to play for real money, join any of our recommended online casinos.

Is Tiki Tower Slot Available to Mobile Players?

Tiki Tower Slots is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Once again, we seem to be delving into the unknown in the world of online slots. The developer of these "tower" games is genius. What is even more impressive is that Genesis has provided mobile players with more tower games viable for the player's devices. Tiki Tower is a fantastic game, as are all of the Radi8 games from Genesis. I highly recommend playing Tiki Tower Slots at our recommended online casinos.