Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

Chances are you have never visited the Amazon. However, you’ll get the chance to do that now if you try the Max Quest – Mission: Amazon game. This is the freshest of the series, so if you haven’t tried the other Max Quest games yet, this is the ideal opportunity to do that.

Before you begin this one, settle in to read our full review. This is not a slot game in the usual sense, so you may be in for a few surprises…

Who developed the game?

If you know who created the other titles in the series, you’ll know this one comes from Betsoft Gaming along with all the others.

Can you play a demo version?

Yes, most casinos do allow access to the practice version. We suggest you try this first, too, otherwise you won’t know how to play it. You may need to open an account (free to do) to do this.

Theme info for Max Quest – Mission: Amazon

Well, the Amazon part of the title gives a lot away – and no, it’s not set in a warehouse! We head to the jungle for this one, in the Amazon, of course, and you can expect this game to immerse you in the action along the way.

Does the design meet our expectations?

No – it exceeds them. The opening image for the promo video features a roaring gorilla/monster creature, with sharp dripping teeth and red eyes. We’re not sure we want to go any further than that! The game does look stunning though and is one for the RPG fans out there.

How to play the game

This isn’t a slot, so there are no reels here. Instead, you must battle against enemies to earn points. The idea is to choose a room before you start. Once inside the room, the map loads and you start playing.

Aim at the various creatures and look at the energy bars. You must drain one of energy to take it out and earn the prize connected to it. In that sense, you need to get several hits on the same monster to earn the prize, so there are similarities to a slot. The game is obviously aimed at RPG fans though.

Instead of paylines, aim at your enemies

There are different weapons to use, and you can change between them.

Choose a room to place a bet in

There are several that go from three cents to a dollar, so you can select the one that fits with the available budget you’re using. Keep in mind that every bullet fired is a bet wagered, so it is important to check your budget as you go.

No paytable here

You can look through the various loading screen details though, along with exploring the information that comes before you start. Before choosing a room to play in, you’ll see more details on the screen. You can see why the demo is the most important thing to access if you’re new to the Mission: Amazon game.

Are there any bonus features?

You can look for random weapons awarded by some of your enemies on the screen. The good thing about these is that they’re free to use, but only until they run out of bullets. When that happens, you go back to the pistol you started with. It does give you the chance of a few free shots though.

We also get quests during the Max Quest games, and this one is no exception. There are five quests in this game, each triggered with three items. These are released by your enemies when you strike them down. You never know who is going to drop an item. Fortunately, the game keeps track for you.

The game also grants you a prize whenever you take out an enemy or if they drop a gem. There are a few of those, each connected to a different prize amount.

No free spins then?

No, since this isn’t a slot game, you won’t find any free spins here.

RTP information for Max Quest – Mission: Amazon

The official info from Betsoft rates this as 97.5%, which is impressive.

Our rating for this game

Let’s be clear here – this won’t suit someone who wants to play a slot game. It does have some similarities, but they are rare to see. This is an online RPG game that offers action and adventure and plenty of enemies to strike down. If that is what you are after, we think the 8/10 score we’re giving this makes a lot of sense.

What is the most you could get from the game?

According to Betsoft, it is possible to get up to 6,000x your room bet amount.

Play the demo before attempting the real game

This is hugely important because you won’t know what is happening if you don’t experiment with it first. Expect to spend an hour or so playing the demo to get an idea of how best to approach it. It worked for us.

Play for real – but start in the cheapest room

Even once you’ve checked out the demo, we recommend you move onto the paid game by going into the cheapest room. You’ll find it much easier to work with your budget if you do so.

Can you play on a touchscreen device?

Yes, Max Quest – Mission: Amazon is fine to play on Android and iOS.